New York Times wolf-control documentary ignores non-lethal methods

Post date: Nov 5, 2014 5:28:43 PM

This is Scott Slocum's 11/3/2014 video commentary about the lack of predator-deterrent fencing around a calving area in a recent New York Times video about wolf/livestock conflicts.

Excerpt from the New York Times Retro Report video documentary "Wolves at the door", 11/2/2014.

Montana Rancher Matt Cunningham talks about how he couldn't turn his back, or the wolves would be in his calving area.

His calving area is an unfenced feedlot. The only way he knew to protect his calves from wolves was to personally chase away or kill the wolves?

He didn't think of protecting his calves by fencing the feedlot?

It has always been an option, under the protection of the Endangered Species Act, to remove wolves that were harassing livestock on private or authorized public grazing lands.

Recreational wolf hunting & trapping seasons are not intended for, and do not provide an efficient tool for,livestock-depredation control.