How are lethal traps different than cars?

Post date: Jan 6, 2013 1:29:17 AM

Trappers sometimes like to compare lethal traps to cars; for example, in statements like the following:

    • "More dogs are killed by cars than by lethal traps—if we were going to outlaw lethal traps [by the way, not what is suggesting], we would have to outlaw cars, too."
    • "You've got to keep your dog leashed to keep it out of traffic. Same thing to keep it out of lethal traps."

But really, lethal traps are completely different than cars. Here are some of the ways they differ.


    • Car: get us where we need to go.
    • Lethal trap: kill an animal.

Safety Equipment:

    • Car: mandatory brakes, steering, windows, lights, airbags, etc.
    • Lethal trap: mostly optional precautions to avoid killing unintended animals.


    • Car: volumes of laws on traffic safety, mechanical safety, driver safety, and road safety.
    • Lethal trap: only in season for protected species, anytime if animal is causing a problem, anytime for other species. ID number must be on trap.


    • Car: on the road, clearly visible, fully lit in the dark.
    • Lethal trap: hidden from sight without warning in unexpected locations.


    • Car: human being watches constantly through windows with special lighting. Responds to situations in real time.
    • Lethal trap: without human intervention, kills whatever touches its trigger.