Failure to Communicate, 4/14/2012.

Post date: Apr 15, 2012 6:17:46 AM

Following is my failed application letter for a user account at

I'm not a trapper. I'm learning about trapping in order to assist with the development of safe and effective trapping regulations. I've been working at the State and local levels here in Minnesota since my dog was killed by a #160 Conibear trap in January. I'm taking the Minnesota Trappers Association's trapper-education classes. I think my instructors will tell you that I'm a good student who doesn't interfere with the classes.

I'm against some methods of trapping, but not all of them. I'm against irresponsible trapping that endangers non-target animals, damages wildlife populations, or causes unnecessary suffering. For example, I oppose the use of Conibear traps in places and in sets that unnecessarily endanger dogs. I oppose three-day checks on snares (although they can kill, the MN DNR considers snares to be restraint devices, and requires the daily checking of snares).

Since I'm not a trapper, I don't plan to post at I only want to make it easier to use the website (I heard there's a search function available to registered users).

I won't be trapping, but instead I hope to work with a game camera to record photos and videos of wildlife. I'd like to provide information to assist with the development of safe and effective trapping regulations. I'm starting with the Bushnell Trophy Cams. The first one was defective, and the second one hasn't arrived yet, so I haven't done much along that line yet. I'd like to gather information about, for instance, how animals respond to the run-pole set that "humptulips" described in the forum "Cat sets in 8+ feet of snow", how raccoons respond to cage traps and elevated Conibear traps, what predator populations we have in the area, etc.

It's important--for a whole lot of reasons--for trappers, non-trappers, and anti-trappers to communicate better than we do most of the time. That's my goal.