Empty fixes

Post date: Mar 26, 2012 12:01:35 AM

Now that its typos have finally been corrected, the new body-gripping trapping legislation just doesn't measure up. One quick way to learn why is to watch Dogs & Traps seminar video #3: measurements (6 min.).

To summarize, the new legislation is so narrowly focused that it doesn't even regulate all of the traps in the size range; for example my Duke body-gripping trap #220 (figure 1), even though its intention is to regulate 220s.

Conibear and Duke brand #220 body-gripping traps.

Figure 1--Conibear (6-5/8", regulated)and Duke (6-1/8", unregulated) brand #220 body-gripping traps.

Even if the bill's focus were widened to include more sizes of traps, it wouldn't offer significant protection for dogs. We need the high-quality, dog-safe legislation we asked for in the Safe Public Lands petition.

To prove the point, SafeDogMN videos show red-blooded American dogs sticking their heads into boxes the experts said would protect them.

Nope, the dogs aren't listening to the experts (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?).