Petition Letter

Post date: Feb 23, 2016 6:12:17 PM


MN DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr

MN DNR Asst. Commissioner: Policy & Government Relations Bob Meier

MN DNR Asst. Commissioner: Parks & Trails, Fish & Wildlife Sarah Strommen

MN Governor Mark Dayton

I strongly oppose Minnesota's allowance of wildlife killing contests. Such contests are offensive in their wanton waste of wildlife and their disregard for the vital ecological roles of coyotes and other predators.

Blood-sport contests are conducted for profit, entertainment, prizes, and for the "fun" of killing. They degrade the reputation of ethical Minnesota sportsmen, and perpetuate a culture of violence, sending a message to succeeding generations that certain species of animals are "disposable." That their lives do not have value. We need to intercept that message before it's sent.

Please bring your leadership to the process of prohibiting wildlife killing contests in Minnesota, and continue the national trend toward more responsible, science-based, and ethical wildlife stewardship. It is time to develop comprehensive regulations and policies to reform and modernize predator management in Minnesota. These regulations and policies should reflect current science, conservation biology, and the ecological principles of ecosystem-based management. Those areas of knowledge are, after all, the most likely to yield the best outcomes for wildlife and people.

Thank you for considering these concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Saint Paul suburban neighborhood coyote. No problem.