City of Two Harbors MN Animal Control Ordinance concerning Trapping

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Date of review: 1/14/2015.

Summary: Dangerous trapping operations are limited to licensed professionals. Routine home and yard trapping (of small pests using less dangerous methods) is left as an option for homeowners.


  • Generally Safe and Effective.
  • Warning: the trapping prohibition in Section 10.13 protects only wildlife, not pets. It may be assumed, but is not stated here for certain, that pets were left out of this Section because they are protected elsewhere in the City Ordinances and/or other State and Federal laws.

Animal Control Regulations

Section 10.13: Farm Animals and Non-Domesticated Animals.

Subdv. 2: Definitions.

Basically, a non-domesticated animal is defined as any animal except a pet. In other words, a wild or feral animal.

Subdv. 6: Trapping of Non-Domesticated Animals.

It shall be unlawful for any person to trap, hunt, take, kill or wound any non-domesticated animal within the City except as authorized by Section 10.15: Hunting Deer by Bow and Arrow, and otherwise authorized by permit of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Two Harbors Police Department.