IL: body-grip buffer zone

Post date: Mar 27, 2012 4:17:41 PM

Illinois Senator Dan Duffy introduced the following safe-trapping bill SB 1704 on 2/9/2011.

Illinois Senator Dan Duffy

Synopsis as introduced:

Amends the Wildlife Code. Makes it unlawful to place, set, or maintain a body-gripping trap (other than an underwater set) within 30 feet of bait that is not completely covered and concealed from sight and (ii) to place, set, use, or maintain certain types of traps within one-quarter mile of a residence, school, picnic area, playground, beach, campground, road, highway, public trail, golf course, or parking lot. Exempts certain government employees as well as their duly authorized agents from the latter of these prohibitions if certain conditions are met. Redefines the term "bait" to include certain types of oils.

Status on 3/27/2012:

"Postponed" by the Agriculture and Conservation Committee.

Summary by

  1. This bill would require bait to be covered. That's a routine precaution by responsible trappers to protect raptors.
  2. Not controversial: prohibit trapping near places where children play.
  3. Hot-button controversial: prohibit trapping along roads except by government employees and contractors.

Reaction from the Illinois Trappers Association June 2011 Report

"The ITA has been very active this legislative session in Springfield, and I feel our efforts in that area have been fruitful. SB1704 was our first baptism into fire; this legislation was introduced by Sen. Dan Duffy from Barrington Illinois. The language in this bill would have stopped trapping on over 19 million acres of Illinois lands, and would have imposed regulations on body grips to set back distances of a ¼ mile from roads, parks, schools, golf courses, etc. The bill never made it out of committee before the deadline, but I don’t want everyone to think it is just going to go away. This bill could come at use this fall in the veto session, or again this session in the form of a shell bill. We will keep an eye open on it."