Bad News

Post date: Feb 27, 2012 2:33:19 AM

Warning to pet owners: please be very careful when you walk your dogs: they may be in danger from deadly traps. For your own safety, please avoid areas that might be set with traps, especially during trapping seasons (which in Minnesota run from October 15th through the end of April every year). Dog owners are often surprised to find legal traps in the ditches along roads, on unposted public lands, and on unposted private property--even near the borders of their own private property, public lands and parks. No one wants any more dogs to be killed.

See also this blog's partial listing and rating of (mostly fake) trap-release instructions.

Dog-trapping and other non-target trapping incidents in the news (an alarmingly-long but totally-incomplete list of "non-target trapping incidents" involving people and their pets):

Please report dog injuries and deaths in traps to the media and the following:

Public marshland surrounded by suburban neighborhoods, set with deadly traps 1/26/2012.

Public marshland surrounded by suburban neighborhoods in the White Bear Lake, MN area, set with deadly traps on 1/26/2012.