2015 GOP playing political games with MN Env. & Nat. Res. Trust Fund

Post date: Feb 4, 2015 9:36:53 PM

MN House Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance Committee meeting, 1/29/2015.

Full-length recording of this meeting. from MN House Information Services: http://youtu.be/y5j5D014Hr4

In this meeting, the committee hears the bill HF 390: LCCMR appropriations (for environmental conservation). This video excerpt (beginning at 51:52) includes the debate, testimony, and voting on the following two amendments:

1) Author's amendment A-7: to make technical changes including an explicit mention of consultation with the MN DNR by the Raptor Center Program "Promotion of Alternative Ammunition to Protect Wildlife from Lead Poisoning." Note: this is already written into the LCCMR work plan.

2) Rep. Dill's amendment A-12: to move the $132K LCCMR appropriation from the Raptor Center Program (referred to in amendment A-7) to the non-LCCMR program "Trap Shooting Sports Facility Grants." Note: the funds would be moved without any requirement that they would be used for the intended purpose.

Both amendments, A-12 and A-7, were approved on voice votes. In other words, the GOP majority (plus Rep. Dill) decided to interfere with the LCCMR process and oppose this hunter-education initiative.