Municipal Ordinances

Each check mark on this table represents a form of trapping that is allowed by a Municipal Ordinance in a community in the State of Minnesota, U.S.A. This table is not necessarily updated when ordinances are updated. This table should not be used to determine whether or not a specific trapping activity is allowed in a given municipality. For more information, please refer to the specific ordinances and local officials.

Minnesota State Hunting & Trapping Regulations apply to all of these municipalities, but each municipality has the option of adding further protection from the dangers of hunting and trapping.

The following keywords are used in the column names: Trap: lethal trapping and snaring are allowed for recreational purposes. Park: in municipal parks. Public: on publicly-held lands and waters other than parks (e.g. open spaces). Private: on private property with owner's permission; Authorized: lethal trapping and snaring by government-authorized trappers (often including qualified landowners) are allowed for nuisance-animal control.

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