MN Sen. Wiger's Good Bill to Protect Dogs from Body-Gripping Traps

Post date: Apr 6, 2012 8:43:37 PM

2013-2014 Biennium

Minnesota Senators Charles Wiger (DFL-Maplewood), Alice M. Johnson (DFL-Spring Lake Park), and Dan Sparks (DFL-Austin). have re-introduced last year's body-gripping trapping bill to protect dogs from unnecessarily death in body-gripping traps that are set for wildlife.

The 2013 bill is identified as SF 452: Body-gripping traps restrictions modifications. The word "modifications" refers to the repeal of the non-functional legislation that was put in its place last year.

MN Senator Charles (Chuck) Wiger
MN Senator Alice M. Johnson
MN Senator Dan Sparks

From left to right, Minnesota Senators and co-authors Charles Wiger, Alice M. Johnson, and Dan Sparks.

See also: Ward's Good Bill.

2011-2012 Biennium

Senator Charles Wiger (DFL-Maplewood) introduced popular, high-quality legislation (SF 1736) to protect dogs from trapping while continuing to allow safe and effective methods of trapping.

Although it was (and will continue to be) requested by thousands of signers of the Safe Public Lands and other petitions, this legislation was silenced by the Senate Committee on Environment & Natural Resources, and replaced with non-functional body-gripping trapping regulations nominally authored by Senator John Carlson in the new Game & Fish Bill (SF 1943, now identified as HF 2171).

Wiger's co-authors were Senator Dan Sparks (DFL-Austin) and Senator Mary Jo McGuire (DFL-Falcon Heights).

The Senate Game & Fish Bill came to the Senate floor on 4/23/2012 as HF 2171 (following an unexpected postponement the week before due to its unpopular deletion of the Conservation Fishing License). Finally, the popular, high-quality legislation would have a hearing. Senator Wiger proposed SF 1736 as an amendment to replace Senator Carlson's non-functional legislation in the Game & Fish bill. Unfortunately, many Senators went along with Senators Carlson and Ingebrigtsen in voting against the amendment. You can view the debate below or on YouTube, and read the video annotations in the document that's attached to this web page or on the description of the video on YouTube:

4/23/2012: Senator Wiger offers his popular, high-quality legislation as an amendment to the Game & Fish Bill. Unfortunately, it failed on a partisan vote.

Voting on MN Sen. Chuck Wiger's body-gripping trapping amendment to the Game & Fish Bill, 4/23/2012.

Minnesota Senate, Saint Paul, MN, USA.

The amendment did not pass on a vote of 41 no, 25 yes.


6/20/2012: Minnesota Senator Charles Wiger, on his community cable TV show "Your Capitol, What's Up?" talks with dog advocate Scott Slocum about the problem of unnecessary dog deaths in body-gripping traps. Scott reminds dog owners that "It's very important for dog owners to know the danger. Until we have a safer community [and State], dog owners are in charge of protecting their dogs. This is a very important message."

Senator Wiger visits with Goldie on the campaign trail at the 2012 Manitou Days Grand Parade, 6/15/2012.

Goldie is wearing her custom-lettered "Wiger for MN Senate" harness (Scott did it himself, so unfortunately it reads upside down on her left side)