How to avert a "perfect storm" of deadlocked funding for the MN Predator Control Program

Post date: Feb 22, 2015 10:16:05 PM

Yesterday's Star Tribune article described a "perfect storm" that's gathering this Spring for Minnesota livestock producers regarding the MN State funding of the Minnesota Predator-Control Program.

Smith, Doug. 2015. "Minnesota Farmers Face a 'Perfect Storm' because of Wolf Ruling." Star Tribune, February 21.

Attached is a proposal to avert the "storm" (which proved unnecessary: see the 3/18/2015 update below).

Update: 3/18/2015

There was no funding crisis. It was such a "perfect storm," we knew it could only be the MN DNR "storm machine."

All of a sudden--without any changes in State or Federal wolf-management policy or funding rules, the MN DNR freed up its predator-control funds (the funds they wanted us to believe were tied up). All of a sudden, new federal funding appeared (AP 2015).

Problem "no more," MN DNR and U.S. Congressmen heroes. Not.


AP. 2015. "USDA, Minnesota Agree on Plan to Provide $220,000 to Control Wolves That Prey on Livestock." Associated Press, March 18.