Groundwater bill would trash protection for sensitive wetlands

Post date: Feb 14, 2015 7:18:24 PM

Weber, Bill, and Steve Green. 2015. MN 2015 SF 721 / HF 822: Calcareous Fens Temporary Groundwater Reduction Authorization.

I didn't know what a "calcareous fen" was, either. Take a look at the MN DNR fact sheet, and the USFS information page. Do a web search and see the gorgeous photos. Many of us, in different ways, have enjoyed them without knowing their name. They're a special kind of wetland. Fishermen might know them best, and children who love frogs.

There must be an agricultural irrigation project, or an industrial project that's been restricted from pumping as much groundwater as it wants. And now it wants to lift the restriction.

Who really cares about calcareous fens?