How can I practice non-lethal wildlife control at home?

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 5:07:36 PM

Controlling Wildlife Humanely

Killing is not the best solution.

Summarized from the 2014 fact sheet by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Most people enjoy wildlife outdoors, but not in the house.

How do you get an uninvited guest to leave?

The humane approach

Unwanted wild guests can be evicted humanely and permanently.

What is non-lethal wildlife control?

It's the best way to manage human-wildlife conflicts without killing (and generally without relocating). It focuses on sealing entrances and removing attractants.

Do it yourself

Learn something about the animal, and about the top ten problems with the animal.

Or hire a professional

Find a humane pest-control service.

Selecting the right company makes a difference. You need to know whether they will be required to kill the animal, or whether they will offer the humane option of non-lethal control.

You probably don't want a quick fix that will leave your home open to the same problem again. Entry points should be sealed off so that your home will be permanently protected.

Products and practices to avoid

  • Poison.
  • Glue traps.
  • Relocation to unsuitable habitats.

Preferred products and practices

PETA: Glue Traps Hurt