MN House floor: Game & Fish Bill is passed with wolf amendments, 5/5/2014

Post date: May 21, 2014 1:52:48 AM

This video includes clips from the 5/5/2014 floor session (part 2) of the MN House of Representatives, in which the Game & Fish Bill HF 2852, authored by Rep. David Dill, is amended and passed.

Rep. Jason Isaacson moves two amendments to the bill:

1) doubled penalty for wolf poaching.

2) MN DNR CO reports of wolf deaths.

He withdraws a third amendment after the second passes (technically speaking, the third amendment is the second part of the second amendment). This third amendment was apparently held in reserve, in case the first amendment did not pass. It was not described in the meeting, nor in this video (in other words, this blogger doesn't know what it was).

This video includes only the discussion of these two amendments; it leaves out a long discussion of Rep. Isaacson's proposed 55-inch muskie limit (which did not pass in this session, but did pass in the MN Senate and conference committee, and was passed into law).

The bill passes with the two Rep. Isaacson's two amendments.

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00:04 HF 2852, the fourth engrossment of the Game & Fish Bill, is brought to the floor.

00:17 The bill's author Rep. Dill introduces it as a non-controversial bill that has been fully worked out in committee.

00:40 Rep. Dill explains that only one Member had questions with it, and those have been answered. No other questions in the DFL caucus or across the aisle in the GOP party.

01:05 Rep. Isaacson moves his first amendment, #270, to double the penalty for a repeat offense of wolf poaching.

01:43 Rep. Dill supports the amendment, explaining that "no one, especially now that we have a season on wolves, should ever consider taking one illegally."

02:16 The amendment passes on a roll-call vote of 116 yeas and 16 nays.

02:21 Rep. Isaacson moves his second amendment, #1166, for a quarterly report of wolf deaths by MN DNR Conservation Officers.

03:26 Rep. Dill supports the amendment.

03:45 The amendment passes on a voice vote. (Rep. Isaacson withdraws the second part of the amendment without a hearing or vote.)

04:01 The bill is given its third reading.

04:08 Rep. Dill explains that, as amended, "the bill is now non-controversial again in my mind, and I'd ask for your support of the bill."

04:18 Rep. Hackbarth supports the bill.

04:25 The bill, as amended, passes unanimously on a roll-call vote of 130 yeas and 0 nays.

05:10 The end.

MN Representative Jason Isaacson