Should Minnesota adopt hunting-contest regs based on its fishing-contest regs?

Post date: Feb 27, 2016 6:38:07 PM

A single-page "California" version of a Minnesota Hunting-Contest Bill is being proposed as an alternative to this three-page proposal.

The Petition to Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Minnesota identifies problems and calls for solutions.

This draft of a Minnesota Hunting Contest Bill proposes solutions. Please ask your MN legislators to author or co-author a bill like it.

Problem 1: Charitable Gambling Statute does not use standard terminology.

  • Solution 1 summary: Use Game and Fish terminology in Charitable Gambling Statute.
  • Solution 1 detail (Section 1 of the proposed legislation):
    • Clarify Section 349.173: Conduct of Raffles using terms defined in Section 97A.015: Game and Fish Definitions.

Problem 2: Fishing contests are regulated, but hunting contests are not.

  • Solution 2 summary: Regulate hunting contests in the same way as fishing contests.
  • Solution 2 detail (Section 2 of the proposed legislation):
    • Establish regulations for "Public Hunting Contests" in Chapter 97B: Hunting, based upon existing regulations in Section 97C.081: Fishing Contests.
Snapshot of Section 2 of a proposed MN Hunting Contest Bill.