City of White Bear Lake MN Municipal Code concerning Trapping


Date of Review: 1/8/2013

History: Development of the City of White Bear Lake's trapping Ordinance.

Summary: Dangerous trapping operations are limited to professionals acting out of necessity for wildlife management. Routine home and yard trapping (of small pests using less dangerous methods) is left as an option for homeowners.

Evaluation: Safe and effective.


Subd. 1. Definitions: Trapping is defined as the use of any unattended mechanical device which is designed, used or set for the purpose of capturing, snaring, holding or killing any animal; provided, however, that it shall not include:

(1) Cage-type traps used for the control of nuisance animals;

(2) Any mechanical device which is specifically designed or primarily used for capturing, killing or controlling mice, rats, moles and other small rodents.

Subd. 2. Trapping Prohibited: No person shall trap animals within the City of White Bear Lake unless acting in response to a wildlife management concern with the approval of the City Manager or designee, with the exception of trapping performed on private property, in response to a wildlife management concern, at the request of the property owner, by a commercial wildlife control operator possessing a current Minnesota DNR off-season permit. Such trapping shall be in full compliance with State Statutes and regulations of the Minnesota DNR. (Ref. Ord. 1083; 1/8/13)