Warning: advocates are advised to avoid personal confrontation

Post date: Feb 26, 2016 7:37:07 AM

Update, 2/12/2016, Petition to Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Minnesota.

The tournament organizer made a remark on 2/11/2016 that I found alarming.

I raised the alarm to warn advocates in the Marshall area to avoid personal confrontation with the organizers, supporters, or participants in the upcoming coyote-hunting tournament

The remark is described in the blog entry Alarming response to local action to "Prohibit Wildlife-Killing Contests in MN".

Many commenters have told me I overreacted. They describe the remark as a harmless account of an exchange of words on facebook (in which an opponent of the tournament taunted the tournament organizer by suggesting that he give a prize for shooting the most legs off of a coyote without killing it).

The simplest description of the remark might be stated as follows: The tournament organizer was only saying that he's "not about" shooting off the legs of coyotes. He wasn't saying anything about a threat to any person or any animal.

If that's not alarming to you, then good for you. (But still, be careful please.)

Headline in the Marshall Independent.

Headline in the Marshall Independent.